Saturday, April 29, 2006

Week Five


After trying since January, we have done it.

The boys can swim. The eggs are good.

This is baby number two for me, and a first for Joe. Seth will finally, at seven years old, have a bro or sis. Well, really, he'll be eight. But ANYWAY.

After feeling remarkably impatient for most of April, and being the victim of a monthly cycle that was slightly askew (I blame Disney World), I took the test.

So tomorrow will be Week Six! Symptoms to follow:

  • Some cramping, some pulling.
  • An appetite. I have eaten more this week than I have eaten all month. And GOD it all tastes good.
  • Peeing. Peeing. Peeing.
  • Boobs. It feels like someone pummeled the twins.
  • Already I have the "Look-Normal-In-The-Morning-Look-PREGNANT-In-The-Evening" syndrome. Which is awesome. The sooner I look preggo, the better.

Bring. It. On.

Friends. Family. Strangers. Welcome to the continuing saga of a family like no other.