Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All is Well in the Shire

General update.

Third grade is good for Seth. Lots of reading and creativity. And the school is SO. GREAT. at specializing Seth's education. Mommy and Daddy will get a kick out of this one: Seth's problem in school? Math reasoning. I have no clue where he got that.

"Hey Heather...what's blahblahblah times blahblahblah?"
Followed by singing, stares into outer space, and fingers in ears.

Football went over like (to quote Daddy) a fart in church. A lead balloon. He did not dig it at all. So...on to alternative choices.

Jackson is eating us out of house and home. He will eat anything. Except green beans. Because I will not allow the vile vegetable to enter my home. Today, at his check up:

Dr. Clark: "Is he eating enough? He's not underweight...just right below the average weight."
Me: "Um...he eats EVERYTHING. We're putting him to work next week to cover the cost of the PHENOMENAL AMOUNT OF FOOD HE EATS."
Dr. Clark: "Is he active?"
Me: "Answering 'Yes" does not do him justice."
Dr. Clark: "Ahhhh...OK. He's fine."

Jackson is sleeping through the night, and I am more tired than ever.


Dr. Clark says this is because I am old. But, he is my age. So. He can get away with such smartassedness. Elsewise, I'd hang him by his toenails.

The Avery County Agricultural Fair is this week. Complete with rides of all shapes and sizes. I used to be able to ride things that went round and round. No more. Although Seth likes the way I scream for my life on the Tilt O'Whirl, he gets one chance with me. Then it's on to the petting zoo, corn dogs, and any ride that does not spin me into a nauseated, manic frenzy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eight Months, and Rare Cameo of Seth

Monday, September 10, 2007

Our local officers are bored, but not THIS bored

Check it out.

Samples were sent to a crime lab.

Samples of salt. And meat (though, being from McDonald's, that is questionable).

Patiently awaiting a clever retort from Craig, defending the officer for protecting this world from dangerous, burger-salting criminals...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Do huh?

Today, while traipsing through the mall with the kids, I saw a table set up for Crimestoppers. They were having a raffle to raise money. You know, to help prevent crime. The prize?

A rifle.