Friday, October 13, 2006

Photo update

29 weeks. Non-maternity sweater, stretched to full capacity. Can you hear its scream of protest?

Yes, it has come to this. Gestational diabetes has returned, spreading joy and cheer to the land. Only instead of diet this time, it is diet. Insulin. And finger prickin'. Yeehaw ya'll!

I joke. It is not so bad. Wellllll...the pan of double chocolate chunk cookies that Joe was preparing to bake was not well received by me. And the constant snacking at work has been hard to curb (bacon, crackers, croutons, blue cheese dressing, butter tarts, mac n'cheese, hushpuppies, I'mgonnastoptherebecausethereismore...). But OTHER THAN THAT, it's all good.

The new car. She is so nice. *MWAH*

The new house. We are gonna try to stay here for longer than a year.

TRY, I said. Try.

I can hear ya'll snickering...

The Piggie Condo. Luxurious and roomy. Built by Joe. Ramp to the second level coming soon.