Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Zoo Revue

Yeah, so we have some pets.

I'm always looking for more, and Joe always dissuades me. Rightly so, because we don't have the room or the money.

We have fish. Two fish. Pink fish. Big gray sucker fish-thing beast.

We have guinea pigs. Both with long, luxurious hair. The red one is Jameson, and the B&W one is Griffin. And they are groovy. Aside from monthly butthair trimming (it's makes butt dreadlocks).

We have a five-foot-long gopher snake. Sammy. He is kind and affectionate. IT'S TRUE. Sammy, unfortunately, eats mice. Live ones. I do not look at the mouse. I take the mouse home, put it in the feeding tank, lower Sammy into the tank, and leave the room. Five minutes later, Sammy is fat and happy.

It was feeding time last week. Get mouse, put mouse in tank, go to grab Sammy, and he freaks out. Hissing and rattling and all pissy. Eyes clouded over...he's getting ready to shed. Hence, his vision is shot. eating. For me, this is the mouse's ticket outta here. "YOU'RE FREE!" I exclaim as I set him outside in the garden. He just sits there, thoroughly confused and scared shitless.

"OK...I'll go inside, get the critter box, come out and if he's still here, I'm keeping him."

Happy mouse:

Pissy snake:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Blogosphere

Since becoming an addict of blogs, I am just floored at how other people's lives touch me. People I have NEVER MET. And I always type this when I comment in their blogs.

" Blahblahmyopinionand I've NEVER EVEN MET YOU."
"OnandonandonandI'mcryingand I've NEVER EVEN MET YOU."

How is this? To truly feel like you know people that you've NEVER MET. I have cried for these people.

Tonight, it was Amy.
Months ago, it was Kate, and Ben, and Liam.

Congratulations, Amy. I can't wait to follow your pregnancy through your eyes. It's gonna be AWESOME.

And to Kate. I see Liam in nature. And my passion for photography was given a healthy boost by Shutter Sisters.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh My GOD Treat Yourself

Jenny posted one of the best posts ever.

Come see.

There is a reason she is The Bloggess (cue dramatic music).

It's rude. It's crude. It's HEAVEN ON EARTH.

A Study in Southern Culture

Sunday lunch. Table of four, with twin boys. Fourteen months old.

Mom distractedly hands me two empty sippy cups.

"Can I fill these for you? Milk or water."
"Do you have tea?"
" tea?"
"Iced tea."
"?????Unsweetened????" (surely unsweetened, gotta be unsweetened...)
"Nononono. Sweet."

Sweet tea.

For babies.

Lordy lordy.

Friday, February 01, 2008

January video

I think I've got it...

I've settled on a blog layout.

I could not stop changing my mind. Blame it on the moon, or the weather (which can't stop changing its mind, either).

I'll change it again when Spring arrives and things warm up. But for now...simple, easy. Nothing to distract from gratuitous photos of Jackson's unhappiness.

Does this make me a bad mom? Sharing these photos?

He's just so pitiful. And it's just so sweet. He is feeling better. Will fight like a crazed wild cat if you even come near his face with a Kleenex. My SLEEVES, however, are an acceptable nose-wiping apparatus.

Note to self: Wash snot-encrusted jacket before wearing again.