Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Blogosphere

Since becoming an addict of blogs, I am just floored at how other people's lives touch me. People I have NEVER MET. And I always type this when I comment in their blogs.

" Blahblahmyopinionand I've NEVER EVEN MET YOU."
"OnandonandonandI'mcryingand I've NEVER EVEN MET YOU."

How is this? To truly feel like you know people that you've NEVER MET. I have cried for these people.

Tonight, it was Amy.
Months ago, it was Kate, and Ben, and Liam.

Congratulations, Amy. I can't wait to follow your pregnancy through your eyes. It's gonna be AWESOME.

And to Kate. I see Liam in nature. And my passion for photography was given a healthy boost by Shutter Sisters.


Amber said...

I concur. I do that all the TIME. Many, many years ago I started "blogging" with LiveJournal and I felt the same way. It's us...really. We be emotional dat way, cher! Hee hee.

Heather said...

Yah mon. In agreeance.

keeper of the chocolates said...

i do this too! i just posted today on this subject. i love my blogger buddies so much!! what is that about??? hehe. i am loving your blog!

Anonymous said...

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