Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Zoo Revue

Yeah, so we have some pets.

I'm always looking for more, and Joe always dissuades me. Rightly so, because we don't have the room or the money.

We have fish. Two fish. Pink fish. Big gray sucker fish-thing beast.

We have guinea pigs. Both with long, luxurious hair. The red one is Jameson, and the B&W one is Griffin. And they are groovy. Aside from monthly butthair trimming (it's makes butt dreadlocks).

We have a five-foot-long gopher snake. Sammy. He is kind and affectionate. IT'S TRUE. Sammy, unfortunately, eats mice. Live ones. I do not look at the mouse. I take the mouse home, put it in the feeding tank, lower Sammy into the tank, and leave the room. Five minutes later, Sammy is fat and happy.

It was feeding time last week. Get mouse, put mouse in tank, go to grab Sammy, and he freaks out. Hissing and rattling and all pissy. Eyes clouded over...he's getting ready to shed. Hence, his vision is shot. eating. For me, this is the mouse's ticket outta here. "YOU'RE FREE!" I exclaim as I set him outside in the garden. He just sits there, thoroughly confused and scared shitless.

"OK...I'll go inside, get the critter box, come out and if he's still here, I'm keeping him."

Happy mouse:

Pissy snake:


Nadine said...

So will the mouse still end up as dinner? I have heard of other snake owners who end up with a mouse pet because the snake just didn't want to eat it. Loving little critters must be in our blood. If you recall I almost had 3 squirrel pets after a hurricane.

Laura said...

Bahahaha! :D
I dare you to try to round up that cute little guy at the next Sammy-feeding-time. Betcha can't do it! I couldn't!


sillypants said...

OMG I don't know how you could feed poor helpless little mice to that nasty thing !!



2J3K&P said...

Bleh, the kids heaven but GAWD, I cannot do it. You are a great mama to your boys, mine just have to do without I fear. And I really don't envy the butt hair trimming YUCK. I had a mouse or two when I was younger and they can be so cuddly. Have fun, Jenni

Heather said...

Oh nononono. That mouse is all pet now. I've become attached.

Now I have to get a whole different mouse to feed Sammy.

It's complicated. I'm complicated. LOL

Shalet said...

This is the reason we do not have snakes - live prey. I just couldn't do it! And the mouse is so cute too! That's one lucky rodent!

Amber said...

Wild "Casa de Cook" Kingdom - 2 cats, a dog, an armadillo (outside in the yard, thankfully), 2 Texas rat snakes that Chris has graciously allowed to live in his shop to reduce the rat population, a hawk couple (nesting for the 2nd time and with eggs), a coyote (REALLY! But also, thankfully, outside) and many, many turtles. It's crazy I tell ya!

sillypants said...





erpeer said...

Too funny! I love guinea pigs! We have one but he has turned mean and nips at you from time to time. I still love the little guys though...