Saturday, March 24, 2007

You might be an asshole if...

Ahhhhhhhh Waiter. Oh how I love thee...

Friday, March 23, 2007

One more reason why I love it here

Behold. The local park.

Stacy London

Ya'll watch "What Not to Wear" on TLC?

Stacy London. I think I have a girlcrush.

Impeccably dressed. Long, dark, shining locks. Drop dead gorgeous. And the Queen Bee of Smart Asses. I bow to you, Stacy. And I'm taking your shoes while I'm down there.

Joe insists that I NEED TO BE ON THE SHOW. My wardrobe...

HOME: Yoga pants and tank tops. With the bra built in. Because I'm a nursing mom, dammit! It's all about conVEEEENience.

OUT: Jeans. Black turtleneck. I also have a grey one. When I'm feeling frisky, I'll wear a green one.

Now, this is going to change come summer. I swear.

Stacy. Help me. Or at least split a bottle of wine with me.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Notes to Self

1. Call Hope tomorrow, to wish her a Happy Birthday.
2. Go to grocery. Stock up on lunch/dinner stuff for Seth. Get beer.
3. Call Julie to finalize plans for Monday.
4. NEED DIAPERS. Sam's Club run?
5. Burn CD's of old photos for T, Arcenia, and Joanne.
6. Water plants.
7. Figure out how to tie a knot in fishing line THAT STAYS TIED, so I can hang suncatchers.
8. Get mouse for Sammy.
9. Never, ever, in my whole entire life say "Spring has sprung!" Cuz DAMN:

Damn damn damn.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Jackson's extreme close up, with additional commentary by the baby himself.

All this time, I thought he loved the camera. Was one with the camera. Until I looked at the front of the camera, and saw the hypnotic red light.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Look at this.

ASLEEP. In the Crib of Doom.

Of course, he is on his belly. Big fat no no, for fear of The SIDS. So I've checked on him every five minutes. And there is no way in hell I'm gonna let him sleep like this at night. For fear of The SIDS.

But he is napping for now, face down, and has been napping for an hour. This is progress, people. PROGRESS!

(Insert squeals of joy and delight)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Moving. Again. Sometime. Maybe.

Jenny is moving, which got me chewing on our own thoughts of moving. Again.

We are considering it. And our reasons are financial.

This area of North Carolina is absolutely gorgeous. Every time I see Grandfather Mountain, I am blown away by the beauty of it. Spring is fresh...the air smells of cedar and new grass. Summers are warm and breezy. It never, and I mean NEVER, gets above 80 degrees. Fall bursts with red, and gold, and orange. Winter...well, winter sucks for me. But I don't like to be cold. Or drive in the snow. You have never seen whiter knuckles on a steering wheel. Or wider eyes behind a windshield.

For the first time in my life, I have a core group of really good, solid friends. Some single, some not. Some without kids, and a whole bunch with. We BBQ'ed yesterday, to celebrate the time change. I have the oldest and the youngest children in the group, with Seth being eight and Jackson at twelve weeks. Then, in between, we've got two more babies, a toddler, and three more school-agers. We drank beer and sangria, ate some killer food, and had a freaking awesome time. I have Momfriends. Joe has Dadfriends. Who'da thunk it? Shocks the hell out of me.

Seth is established in a school that scooped him up and really, truly looks out for him.


This area SUCKS for work in the restaurant biz. A business in which Joe and I thrive. Joe has been cooking for sixteen years, and I won't even divulge his current salary. It would make you cry. So we are looking elsewhere, for an area that rewards a chef with pay that befits a professional. A place where truly great food is appreciated, loved, embraced. A city where maybe, just maybe, I can get a job in a business I adore, being something other than a server. I have run a restaurant before. And I haven't stopped wanting to do it again.

It makes me so sad that we may have to leave here to find that.

So the future is unknown, as always! And I hope that by chasing the dream of doing what we love, we are rewarded. With happiness, satisfaction, contentment. And yeah, I'm gonna say' money. Just a wee bit more.

Gratuitous baby pic, with a message:

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Three minutes of video of Jackson and SOCKCOW!

Interesting to the family.

Boring to all others.

But, it's my blog, so suffer...mwahahahahahahaha....

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Lack of posts due to lack of sleep. Lack of sleep = lack of brain function.

But Jackson, he is easy on the eyes, no?

Look at how much he looks like Joe. DNA is a trip.

If, and that is a big honking IF, this baby goes to bed tonite, I will update.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

If these don't make you smile...

you have a cold, cold heart...