Saturday, January 26, 2008


  1. Recycling. We're doin' it. Even Joe is doing it. He laughed at me when I suggested it. Of course, I didn't take it to heart. I do things every day that warrant a good laugh. I am shocked and amazed at how quickly the recycling has become second nature. It really takes a while for changes to sink in to my stubborn soul. Example: I bought cloth grocery bags. Put them in the car. Forgot to bring them in to the grocery store for a good month.
  2. Smoking. Not doing it. As much. I have an occasional smoke when I'm out with friends. Since most of my friends are parents, we share a lack of personal time and social life. So...hmm...four smokes a month? That's about right.
  3. Photography. I have always, always had a burning interest in it. So I joined a site called Shutter Sisters. Wanna see the photos I've submitted? Check it. I have lots to learn. But I'm going to have fun doing it.

Other news.

Jackson has his first real sinus infection. Oh, it's a doozy. When he sneezes, ungodly amounts of yellow snot fly from his nose. It's awesome. There is something so satisfying about pulling that out of his face. So he's asleep right now, slathered in Vick's BabyRub, propped at an angle to drain his congested head, and snoozing to the soothing sounds of a cool mist humidifier.

My 20 year reunion is in September. GAWD. I'm pretty freaking excited about it. I haven't been back home in, ohhh...six years? My dilemna is: drive or fly. Flying is fast, but it's up. In the air. Above clouds. No likee. Driving is much more appealing to the control freakmama inside of me. But. Fourteen hours. In the car. With two kids.

Shit. What to do.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Too much time on our hands

Now that I am down to two shifts a week (not for long, hopefully), I am bored.

Really bored.

Winter in the mountains can do that to you.

Hence, this.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Look! It's me. As a cartoon. I also made myself into a fairy on Disney's website. It's your lucky day, though. I'm gonna spare you that one.


A video compilation of idle minds at play.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I swear, it melts my heart into a big, squishy puddle when Jackson snuggles his blanket. Thank God he is not particular about the blanket. His only requirement is that it is a flannel receiving blanket. It doesn't have to smell a certain way, or sport a particular pattern. Just be flannel. It's that easy.

He doesn't carry it with him all day. But it does need to be in his vicinity. Within reach.

Do not try to take it from him. He will give you the distinctive "Squeal of Displeasure."

This. This is the best.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

December Festivities

Thursday, January 10, 2008

November, Pt. 2

Apologies for the quality of this one. Definitely thrown together...

Friday, January 04, 2008


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Winds. Of Change.

Thank God it is January. 2008. A new year. Big changes on the horizon.

November and December were just NUTS.

Joe and I were offered the opportunity to buy The Best Cellar. At a stellar price. A place we helped to open. We were stoked. It is our dream. It is what we aspire to do. WE. WANT. IT. So begins meetings with the owners and the bank. The SBA. Potential investors. Thoughts and ideas zip in and out of our heads at lightning speed. Can we afford it? Can we make a life for ourselves this way? It is all we think about, talk about. Then BLAM! Another offer.

The Mountain Tavern and Grille is a local restaurant where Joe worked for five years. He was their Chef de Cuisine. He was running the line when they won their first DiRoNa award. He quit three days before our wedding, so you KNOW the reasons for his leaving were strong.

They want him back. And they will pay much more than what he makes now. And we may be able to buy that restaurant when the lease is up in three years.

So. Leave Best Cellar he must. And put The Dream on hold we must. And I am relieved and disappointed. Relieved because the time I want to put into a restaurant? Impossible right now. Not until Jackson is in school. Disappointed because DAMN a restaurant just fell into our laps, and I just can't do it right now. DAMN. DAMN. DAMN.

So throw that whole mess into a slew of birthdays, doctor's appointments, holidays, and Christmas parties at the Cellar, and Heather has been a very busy girl.

But January is finally here. And I sigh a sigh of relief. And try to begin writing here again.