Thursday, January 17, 2008


I swear, it melts my heart into a big, squishy puddle when Jackson snuggles his blanket. Thank God he is not particular about the blanket. His only requirement is that it is a flannel receiving blanket. It doesn't have to smell a certain way, or sport a particular pattern. Just be flannel. It's that easy.

He doesn't carry it with him all day. But it does need to be in his vicinity. Within reach.

Do not try to take it from him. He will give you the distinctive "Squeal of Displeasure."

This. This is the best.


Anonymous said...

My son has one too, he calls it "BABY" he is not biased, as long as it is satin on one side and velour on the other. I'm considering lining his pockets with it because he gets a bit of flack now that he is 3 when he drags it around. Nice to meet you, I'm Julia.