Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rest? Who needs rest?

It has been B.U.S.Y. around here. Hence, the lack of posts. Between working six days a week, keeping the house decent (DECENT, not presentable), and being a mom, it's been Wild Kingdom in these parts.

We have two new housemates. They are the cutest guinea pigs in the whole, wide world. Except for Jeanne's pig. More on them later.

Baby is moving and shaking.

Weather has been rainyrainyrainy.

Hopefully, I can post more tonite...

Friday, June 23, 2006


This one goes out to Amber and Nadine

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some kids are so cruel.

How do you handle the teasing?

Today on the bus, leaving camp, Seth announced that he would really like a pony. He wishes for one.

And some kids told him he was gay. That only girls liked ponies.

God. It really makes me cry. It does.

I handled it the only way I know how. First we talked about believing in yourself. I let him know that the teasing will continue, and for a long time. And that no matter what people say, he has lots and lots of people who love and cherish him. That he is awesome and incredible and special. I said that he should try to keep the positive things that people say about him in the forefront, and not let the negative comments outshine the positive ones. Then we talked about what "gay" means. Which we have discussed before. That gay is not a "bad word," though people will use it as such. That we, as a family, are an open minded family, open to beliefs of all kinds.

Why. Why can kids be so mean.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm it!

Courtesy of Silly...

I AM: Pregnant
I WANT: A hot fudge sundae
I HATE: Bad tippers
I LOVE: My family, my pets, Jamiroquai, and pesto
I MISS: My family, Hobbes, and Boo
I FEAR: Roaches
I HEAR: My wild bird family outside (it is their breakfast time), Fairly Oddparents
I WONDER: If I'm having a boy or a girl
I REGRET: Not taking more chances in life
I AM NOT: Tan and blonde
I DANCE: As often as I can
I SING: Every Jamiroquai song, word for word, and anything classified as "Classic Soul"
I AM NOT ALWAYS: Patient or calm
I WRITE: This blog, and thousands of food orders
I CONFUSE: Everyone around me
I NEED: A timing belt, and a hot fudge sundae
I SHOULD: Skip the hot fudge sundae
I START: Arguements
I FINISH: Hot fudge sundaes

Thursday, June 15, 2006


When I picked up Seth from camp today, he and his camp leader walked over to talk. Leader says that Seth grabbed a kid in gym and he wanted to apologize, but couldn't find the boy he grabbed. I was all proud of Seth's realization that he made a mistake, and his wanting to fix it. Joy!

In the car, after camp...

Seth: Mom, I have to talk to you about something.

Me: Sure. Do tell.

Seth: Well. Don't be mad.

Me: Nah. Go ahead.

Seth: Today, in the gym, I grabbed some kids' balls.

Me: (struggling to remain calm) Wha? Wait...huh? Why? In what context? Was anyone else doing it? Like a game? Were you wrestling?

Seth: I know it's wrong, mom. I am really sorry.

Me: One kid or many? Why? Balls? Really?

Seth: Yeah, balls. A few kids' balls.

Me: (beginning the life lesson) OK. We have talked about respecting other people's space. You have to respect other people's private parts, you know? We've talked about this, remember?

Seth: Mom. The balls in the GYM. Soccer know.

Somebody. Help. Me.

The pregnancy hormones have addled my brain. Eaten my reasoning skills. Rendered me STOOOOPID.

Swimsuit Model

Behold, the shocking form of the Swimsuit Goddess.

Goddess is twelve weeks pregnant, but you could never tell! Her slimming secret is peanut butter milkshakes, Taco Bell's chalupas, and cherry limeades...

This one's for you, Laura! Your turn...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Creature comforts


We are hours away from a music extravaganza called Bonnaroo. Being from Louisiana, festivals of any kind are integral to my being a whole person. I have yet to check out Bonnaroo. It falls at a bad time for us restaurant folk...a weekend in the summer.

I will go one day.

To my friends who are Bonnarooing (Annakonda!), have fun. Be safe. Drink much. Eat more. Beware of patchouli. Please tell the Neville's, Dr. John, and the Rebirth Brass Band that I miss them and will see them soon.

And if ya'll don't attend the temple of DJ Sasha, your cosmic punishment will be a life of Pat Boone albums. Sasha is a God, and must be revered.


First day that strangers have noticed I am pregnant.

First day in months that I haven't crawled home after work to collapse in bed for a nap.

First day I have been able to relax about moving, becuase WE DON'T HAVE TO. Well, until next May. But I can handle that.

First feeling that maternity pants may be in order. Stat.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Two Things

First. Seth can swim. Underwater. I was having a mild panic attack at the thought of teaching him to swim. Where do I start? How do I teach? After one day at camp, he is swimming like a fish underwater. Thank God.

Second. Doctor update. I got an A+ on health. JOY! We heard the little poof's heartbeat, which never gets old. And...I haven't gained a pound.

*snort of disbelief*

After THAT news, I went home and celebrated by eating two Bubba burgers with cheese and a mountain of potato salad. What the hell! Might as well.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mister Softee

Ah...pregnancy dreams.

When I was pregnant with Seth, I had a most vivid dream that I gave birth to my cat, Boo. I also breastfed him. In the dream.

Last night, It was Mister Softee. The truck was everywhere. At all times. Day. Night. Thousands of flavors. I would wake up to roll over, pee, whatever, go back to sleep, and Mister Softee was there again.

As a child, I would sit on the curb for HOURS with Patrick, waiting to hear the faint sound of the jingle...probably miles away. Seriously. As kids, we had ears like bats. And it was just like that Eddie Murphy skit. We would run home, screaming for money. Hearts racing. Sweating. And the jingle was getting louder...closer...OhGodwhatifwemissthetruck!! My mom told me that she and Patrick's mom conspired, and told us kids that Mister Softee only came a few days a week. Elsewise, we'd sit on the curb, every day, and waitwaitwaitwait. Mister Softee was an integral part of my youth in Niagara Falls.

So! It has been on my mind all freaking day. I wish Seth could experience the Mister Softee total body buzz. I wonder if he'll have something like that in his childhood that he looks back on, with most excellent memories. A ringing in of summer, that he'll remember for the rest of his life.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I think summer has finally arrived in the mountains. I hesitate to say that too loudly, lest Mother Nature catch wind of my words and throw a freak snowstorm our way.

This morning, I have a family of nuthatches helping themselves to beakfuls of suet. While they eat, they make these happy little beeping sounds. A blue jay just discovered Miss Puff's Nine Lives, and is joyfully announcing to the others that breakfast is SERVED, ya'll. The trees have their leaves. The flowers have bloomed. And this year, the rhododendrons are fabulous.

And it is warm. A soothing 60 degrees this AM. The windows are open, and the air smells like cut grass and irises.

Seth's last day of school was Tuesday. He will be going to a day camp three days a week. He will do something different every day, and both he and I are looking forward to it. I can work during the day knowing that he is having an awesome summer.

So! Morning sickness all gone. I whisper this, too. Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor.

Dinner last night: Taco Bell. One Ultimate Chalupa. One Double Decker Taco. Half of a Cheese Quesadilla. And for dessert? Marble Slab...rum ice cream with Nestle Crunch chunks in a Heath Bar waffle cone.

I know. My healthy eating habits are astounding. Ya'll are brimming with pride at my intelligent menu selections. I swear, I can do better! Just give me a chance!

(Spoken like a true Taco Bell addict...)