Saturday, June 10, 2006

Two Things

First. Seth can swim. Underwater. I was having a mild panic attack at the thought of teaching him to swim. Where do I start? How do I teach? After one day at camp, he is swimming like a fish underwater. Thank God.

Second. Doctor update. I got an A+ on health. JOY! We heard the little poof's heartbeat, which never gets old. And...I haven't gained a pound.

*snort of disbelief*

After THAT news, I went home and celebrated by eating two Bubba burgers with cheese and a mountain of potato salad. What the hell! Might as well.


silly said...

OMG, look at your lovely lady bump !! I can not wait for that little bundle o'joy to make it's way out ! ( PS send me your snail mail addie)

Congrats on your little fish. There is nothing better than sitting on your bottom watching them swim !



Anonymous said...

You look absolutely adorable, Heather!!