Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mister Softee

Ah...pregnancy dreams.

When I was pregnant with Seth, I had a most vivid dream that I gave birth to my cat, Boo. I also breastfed him. In the dream.

Last night, It was Mister Softee. The truck was everywhere. At all times. Day. Night. Thousands of flavors. I would wake up to roll over, pee, whatever, go back to sleep, and Mister Softee was there again.

As a child, I would sit on the curb for HOURS with Patrick, waiting to hear the faint sound of the jingle...probably miles away. Seriously. As kids, we had ears like bats. And it was just like that Eddie Murphy skit. We would run home, screaming for money. Hearts racing. Sweating. And the jingle was getting louder...closer...OhGodwhatifwemissthetruck!! My mom told me that she and Patrick's mom conspired, and told us kids that Mister Softee only came a few days a week. Elsewise, we'd sit on the curb, every day, and waitwaitwaitwait. Mister Softee was an integral part of my youth in Niagara Falls.

So! It has been on my mind all freaking day. I wish Seth could experience the Mister Softee total body buzz. I wonder if he'll have something like that in his childhood that he looks back on, with most excellent memories. A ringing in of summer, that he'll remember for the rest of his life.


Lambert said...

Did you know the founder of Mister Softee died recently? I read it in Time Magazine. I even think it might have been the day you dreamt of it. -amber

gail said...

OK, that's kinda SPOOKY! I always knew that Heather and Patrick were "tuned in" to Mr. Softee, but this would be uncanny. I don't suppose Heather would have noticed, but I was always happy to see the Mr. Softee man too becuase he was a REALLY cute guy!