Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm it!

Courtesy of Silly...

I AM: Pregnant
I WANT: A hot fudge sundae
I HATE: Bad tippers
I LOVE: My family, my pets, Jamiroquai, and pesto
I MISS: My family, Hobbes, and Boo
I FEAR: Roaches
I HEAR: My wild bird family outside (it is their breakfast time), Fairly Oddparents
I WONDER: If I'm having a boy or a girl
I REGRET: Not taking more chances in life
I AM NOT: Tan and blonde
I DANCE: As often as I can
I SING: Every Jamiroquai song, word for word, and anything classified as "Classic Soul"
I AM NOT ALWAYS: Patient or calm
I WRITE: This blog, and thousands of food orders
I CONFUSE: Everyone around me
I NEED: A timing belt, and a hot fudge sundae
I SHOULD: Skip the hot fudge sundae
I START: Arguements
I FINISH: Hot fudge sundaes


sillypants said...

I loved this one !

Tell J Happy Fathers Day !!