Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some kids are so cruel.

How do you handle the teasing?

Today on the bus, leaving camp, Seth announced that he would really like a pony. He wishes for one.

And some kids told him he was gay. That only girls liked ponies.

God. It really makes me cry. It does.

I handled it the only way I know how. First we talked about believing in yourself. I let him know that the teasing will continue, and for a long time. And that no matter what people say, he has lots and lots of people who love and cherish him. That he is awesome and incredible and special. I said that he should try to keep the positive things that people say about him in the forefront, and not let the negative comments outshine the positive ones. Then we talked about what "gay" means. Which we have discussed before. That gay is not a "bad word," though people will use it as such. That we, as a family, are an open minded family, open to beliefs of all kinds.

Why. Why can kids be so mean.


sillypants said...

Please, don't get me started.

You have to quickly grow a backbone made of steel. And I don't wan to be one of those "just wait" mom, but oh, Girls. Girls are downright venemous.

much love,


Nadine said...

They probably have mean parents.