Sunday, July 09, 2006

To: Jeanne From: Heather

Pregnancy and piggies.

I just noticed all the fingerprints all over the mirror in the belly pics.

Introducing Griffin and Jameson, The WonderPigs. We love them so. Jeanne, you are going to teach me how to litter train them, right? Please? So now we have two piggies, a lizard, a snake, some fish, and a cat. Oh...and the raccoon I feed evey night on the back deck. And the flying squirrel who eats on the bird feeder. And all the BIRDS.

Cravings this week: anything high in carbs and sugar. I fell prey to the Scottish bakery tent set up down the street. Joe bought me a whole pound cake to stop my endless, gleeful squealing in the tent.

Total weight gain: Five pounds. What the hell? HOW?

New addictions: "What Not to Wear" and "Bridezillas." Oh, the joy!

I just had a piece of that pound cake. It is moist, and coconutty, and rum-flavored. I plan on eating another in, oh...2.5 seconds.


sillypants said...


I don't know what's cuter....the pigs or your baby bump! About a week or so ago we brought home another pig because we could tell how lonely Happy was. She's a little long haired girl and she's the tiniest thing ever. Wanna know what we named her? Go Lucky. Get it? Happy Go Lucky. Can't credit for the cuteness. My BFF named her.

OK, training. Your pigs should naturally be going potty in one area of their cage. That will be where you put their litter box ( available at most pet stores) Put the box in that spot along with bedding, or if you want to get crazy, you can buy GP litter which I don't care for. I would add a few pieces of droppings just to remind them of what goes there. Within a few days/weeks, they will be going there almost exculsively.

I should send you this link to this GP guy who sends out emails almost every day regarding Pigs. For example, did you know Pigs are lactose intolerant?

Thank you for the pictures !!!