Monday, August 07, 2006

Fast Frank

I just wonder. How busy is life when making a hot dog takes too long? So, because of said busy life, you have to buy "Fast Franks," these hot dogs that come already IN THE BUN. Oscar Meyer...always looking out for us.

Then there is the microwave Kraft Mac N'Cheese. Because boiling water is a complicated chemical process? Oh wait, takes too long. That's it. And Lunchables. What does meat stay edible that long, outside of the refrigerator?

I mean, damn.


sillypants said...

Or how about "crustless" sandwiches. How freaking long does it take one to cut the crust off a sandwich?

sillypants said...

OK lady, today is the 14th which is THE day so PLEASE don't make me wait all day to find out about your baby's privates !!

It is 7:32 AM here which makes it 10:32 there which makes it very possible ultrasound appointment time.

I am DYING over here.....