Thursday, February 15, 2007


First things first. Gratuitous Baby Photos.

OK. Now. Check this...

My Dream Come True

Those who know me will immediately understand.


I have loved them since I was twelve. The summer I spent at my grandma's house in Niagara Falls. "Every Breath You Take" came on TV, and I sat one foot from the screen, transfixed. I have been in love with Sting, Stewart, and Andy...all at separate times. I would stay up until 3AM, waiting for the World Premiere Video on MTV of any Police/Sting video. As a teenager, my room was wallpapered with posters, magazine articles, ANYTHING with The Police on it. I made it to one Sting concert, ever. And I don't think I spoke a word the entire time. And they are reuniting. And coming to Bonnaroo. A mere hours from here. Joy. Unbelievable joy!

Tickets for Bonnaroo are $184.50. A person. If you are lucky and get 'em early. Oh my Holy God. I am gonna miss The Police again.


I'm gonna go cry now, and wipe my tears on my tattered Police t-shirt.


Nadine said...

Holy Crap! I never knew about this festival. I went to the website and the line up is incredible. I will mourn with you. It's probably smelly and crowded anyway. Or at least we can tell ourselves that!

Amber said...

Yeah, I was thinking of you the other day and how I could possibly get you tickets to see them. I still might. Ya never know. I was thinking it would make up for all the year I haven't bought you a birthday present. -amber