Friday, March 23, 2007

Stacy London

Ya'll watch "What Not to Wear" on TLC?

Stacy London. I think I have a girlcrush.

Impeccably dressed. Long, dark, shining locks. Drop dead gorgeous. And the Queen Bee of Smart Asses. I bow to you, Stacy. And I'm taking your shoes while I'm down there.

Joe insists that I NEED TO BE ON THE SHOW. My wardrobe...

HOME: Yoga pants and tank tops. With the bra built in. Because I'm a nursing mom, dammit! It's all about conVEEEENience.

OUT: Jeans. Black turtleneck. I also have a grey one. When I'm feeling frisky, I'll wear a green one.

Now, this is going to change come summer. I swear.

Stacy. Help me. Or at least split a bottle of wine with me.


Amber said...

I hate that show. I love you, but I hate that show. They are MEAN! You do NOT deserve the pain they will bring upon you. No, no indeed not. :) It is quite possible that all of our wardrobes are not the BEST, but we're cute, dammit - so there! (I just cracked MYSELF up with this comment.)