Friday, April 13, 2007

Jack. Son. Jackson.

More photos of the baby. Can ya'll believe it? Shocking, I know.

Why no pictures of Seth, you ask? We are in the midst of a camera strike with him. He either closes his eyes, or makes crazy eight-year-old boy faces. Or hides.

The newest National Geographic. Jackson is showing signs of brilliance already. What a scholarly baby, absorbing each and every scientific article that pops off the page.

GOD that sounded good! It was fish that captivated him. And me. I have yet to read the article.

Um...anybody else have a baby that scratched themselves into oblivion? Check it:

It looks like chickens have been scritchin' for bugs on his head. And YES we've tried EVERYTHING. I do so enjoy the look on his face in this photo.

"What the HELL, Mom."

Exersaucercise. Thank you Daddy and Cathy!

Asleep in his PIMP. NEW. CAR SEAT. Thank you Mommy and Joe!

Oh holy cow how I love it when babies get to the HoldingTheirToes stage. It is one of the cutest things EVER. Ever ever. It is so impressive when he puts his toes in his mouth. Will you look at the size of his head? C-section...goooooooooooood. Never thought I'd say that...


sillypants said...

I love you very very much and I know you put a lot of hard work into creating tha little man, but do people tell you "OMG, he is like a CLONE of his father and are you sure he came out of your tummy and not his??"

I think I am going to call him J.J......Joe Junior