Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm so tired

I totally know that I am slacking in the posting department. And I just have no clue at all how working parents of more than two children get anything done. Seriously.

Amanda and I chatted on the phone tonight about aspartame. One of the many random things we chat about. Every day. Which is why I love her so. But maybe, just maybe, my Diet Dr. Pepper addiction has something to do with my CRASH AND BURN at 5PM every day? The aspartame and caffeine?

(include in addiction: vanilla Coke Zero, cherry Diet Pepsi, and Pepsi Max.)

Anywho, will try to cut back on diet soda.

I'm working like a fiend. But DO NOT MISS working on the floor. I really thought that I would. But I am diggin' working in the kitchen with the guys. I can curse freely. I can drag a conversation straight into the gutter and not offend. I can burp aloud.

Delicate flower, I am not. So I'm right at home back there.

OK. Will try to post more.


wendy said...

You would be SO proud of us...we've taken a HUGE step toward the organic world and cut (or course) partially hydrogenated oils, but also high-fructose corn syrup as well. We try to avoid aspartime too (but I do have a diet coke every now and again). I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the way you feel.

Anonymous said...

It'll get easier, somehow, soon.
And at least you happy..busy happy :)
It's probably the *gag* Pepsi. I drink a trillion cans of Coke Zero a day and I'm fine!
Who said that?

kristin said...

HAR straight to the gutter. i can see that. trash mouth. i've been there my friend, ain't it grand? :))

kristin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kristin said...

sorry delete why? well because i am a DUMAS and hit enter twice. DUH.

amy said...

hey buzy bee! there is love for you in the ether despite the buzy-ness! deep breath. enjoy!

Heather said...

Ya'll are the best. Seriously. I love my internet girls :) .

Anonymous said...

Pretty please... do not use any of the 6,000 products with aspartame.

Thanks for letting me post.

Heather said...

Sure! I'm going to check your link right now.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i was going to tell you about the aspartame experiment website as well - not for the weak stomached.

anyway, i've been staying away from it (artificial sweeteners and caffeine) for a few years now. i can't tell a difference either way (in energy level or weight). i just don't think it's good for me, so i don't drink it. plus i'm nursing, etc.

just my $.02. :)