Thursday, May 24, 2007


Jenny has this fun little thingamabob on her blog. You go to Google, type in your name + the word "needs," and let the fun begin.

Heather needs...

  1. Men! Now!
  2. Two therapists
  3. A childhood
  4. Some bodyguards
  5. Gatorade
  6. A name
  7. New boobs
  8. Financial support

OK. Men! Now! May I pass on that one? Got enough men, thanks. Two therapists...mmmm, no...the one will do. A childhood. Nope, had that. Some bodyguards might be nice. They'd be bored as hell, though. I can always have Gatorade. Got a name. New boobs? Ohhhh alright. Financial support? Yes please.


Jenny said...

It all kind of connects. More men to give you financial support to pay for your new boobs to get more men.

And the gatorade's for the dehydration, naturally.

Heather said...

And the therapists for when it's all said and done...