Friday, June 22, 2007


What do you say to a woman who has lost her child. Her baby. A piece of herself. With her in spirit forever, but gone in the physical realm.


A name that is embedded in my psyche.

I do not know Kate or her family. I was drawn to her story through Amalah. Filled with all the hope in the world for Ben and for Liam. Checking a blog several times a day for updates. Crushed and sobbing when I read the news of Liam. Questioning God.

I want to scoop her up. Ease a pain that must be all-consuming. Every day, I send out what I can only describe as a mamamojo. To Kate.

To Arcenia. I have thought of you since Liam died, and thought of little Kevin. Knowing I should call you, and also knowing that I am not ready. One day, very soon, know that you can talk to me. I want to hear of Kevin. My nephew. Here in spirit, in the wind, in the trees, in the sun. Much love to you, my sister.

And to you, Kate.


Jenny said...

Terrible. We aren't meant to face such loss.