Monday, July 02, 2007


All is well. Things are busy. Nonstop, actually.

Joe is working 65+ hours a week. I miss him like crazy. But he is doing what he loves. He is cooking. Finally in the position of head chef. And I couldn't be prouder. Joe is so good at what he does, and so good at managing people. He keeps his head about him, stays cool, gets the job done. And is respected. It is amazing to watch.

Seth is in West Virginia with his dad for two weeks. He is fishing, hiking, cooking. Rick taught him to ride a bike yesterday, and thank God. Honestly, I was dreading that. Seth fell twice, then took off and rode six miles on a mountain trail. I miss him and worry incessantly while he's gone. I also enjoy the little bits of time I've had to myself. But I want him home.

Jackson! Still not sleeping through the night. To make myself feel better about that, I've just resigned myself to the fact that I'll NEVER. SLEEP. AGAIN. Then, if it happens, I'll be pleasantly surprised. He enjoys the hours of 3AM to 5AM. Party time! WOOHOO! I sit on the sofa, waiting for him to calm down. BET happens to have jazz on at this ungodly hour, so that is nice. He is also sitting up, crawling a bit, and has two new teeth. And will eat anything you put in front of him.

He is, without a doubt, Joe's clone.


Amber said...

Seth is so cute!!! Tell him we are proud of him. We love him.