Saturday, September 01, 2007

Do huh?

Today, while traipsing through the mall with the kids, I saw a table set up for Crimestoppers. They were having a raffle to raise money. You know, to help prevent crime. The prize?

A rifle.



craig said...

Wow! We certainly wouldn't want anyone to become an awful, murderous gunowner. God forbid they might use it to protect themselves from some innocent law abiding criminal or better yet shoot an animal while performing that barbaric, ancient ritual called "hunting." What a great prize!! Criminals and Bambi beware.

Amber said...

The irony is entertaining. Got nothin' against guns, but how funny is that??

Heather said...

Damn. Who the hell is Craig?

Is that you, my ex?

If so, I think you need a pill honey.

And Amber, you KNOW I've got nothing against guns. The irony IS entertaining.

Though, irony lost on "Craig"...