Thursday, November 30, 2006

December Third

Sunday, I will officially be "full term." Thirty-seven weeks. And, as my parents can affirm, I am impatient as shit. Don't wanna wait. Want it NOW.


One last ultrasound tomorrow, at 8:30 AM. Just to check that all is well.

I've got elbows, feet, arms poking out all over the place. From my ribs to my hipbones. As ready as I am to finally meet Jackson, to get my body back, to walk and not waddle, to drink not a glass, but a BOTTLE of wine...I'm really going to miss being pregnant. This is it, the last time. I am torn between wanting to stay pregnant just a littttle bit longer, and wanting more than anything for labor to begin. Now.

I have only two more days of work left. Thank you GOD. My mind tells me that I can run around the restaurant and take every table that walks in the door. My body is like, "No no honey. Slow that waddle down now."

And let me tell you, I can't corner like I used to.

So send labor vibes. We are ready and waiting, all of us.


Jenny said...

It's Sunday! You're full-term!

Okay, now go eat something spicey and have sex.

Not that that worked for me.

Luckily I had pitocin on my side.