Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thirty-Five weeks.

Hold gets better...

Check out the side view.

Are you sick of seeing these pants? I am. And sick of wearing them.


I either...

A. Never got this big with Seth or
B. Conveniently forgot.

In any case, Dr. Clark says I am measuring just fine. I have begun dialating, just a little bit. And come December, it's game on. I am getting incredibly impatient.

The view from our porch a few days ago. Today, it was 60 degrees. WILDNESS.


Anonymous said...

I am having belly rubbing withdrawal being away from you! Love you! KB

Jenny said...

God I love that view. It's 80 degrees here. Sigh. So not Christmassy.

PS. You're gorgeous! When I was that far along I had tremendous arm fat. Ick.

No one wants arm-fat.