Thursday, November 09, 2006

Past events

First, the good stuff you've all been waiting for. Just how big has Heather gotten? JESUS.

31 weeks...

And 33 weeks.

It's ok to be scared of The Belly. It defies all reason and balance.

On to Halloween. Seth was a samurai. Don't call him a ninja. He'll have to kill you. We hit downtown Blowing Rock for trick or treat with Ingrid and the kids. Seth learned about quality, not quantity. What he lacked in volume, he made up for in superior quality of candy. Butterfingers. Snickers. Milky Way DARKS. And Almond Joys! Joy! Yeah, there were some other things mixed in...a tootsie roll here, and Smartie there. But chocolate was the the clear winner.

I wanna be just like these two. I wanna be a skunk next year. I usually go for the slutty policewoman/devil/justplainslut look, but I have been swayed from my skanky ways. besides, skunk is way more "Mom-Appropriate."

Our assorted Jack O'Lanterns:

The one on the left is Seth's own design. I carved the little "BOO" one in the middle. For both, I used a dull paring knife and a steak knife. While carving, I broke a sweat and censored myself repeatedly, for Seth's sake. The one on the right was carved by our friend Luke, for our baby shower (details next). See the baby feet eyes? And the "JJ" in the mouth (for Jackson Jerry)?

The baby shower. Thrown by Kristin and Luke. (Kristin, if you just gave me a minute, I was gonna give you props) . Tons o'food, tons o'loot...Jackson is a lucky little dude.