Monday, December 04, 2006


Lately, I have found myself laughing hysterically. Over anything. That kind of laughing that makes your eyes water, that makes you snort. I heard an interview with Angelina Jolie where she said she experienced uncontrollable bouts of this phenomenon while pregnant. My friend Brennan said she, too, experienced this while pregnant. Maybe it's nature's way of preparing for labor? Hmmmm...anywho...

Jenny posted this product description on her blog this morning. I cried and I snorted, just like I did when I discovered the Holiday Hawk.

Joe and Seth are just so confused with me right now...


Jenny said...

Okay I just went down to find the holiday hawk and laughed my ass off. Then I drug all the girls into my office to see it too.

We must all be pregnant because we were in tears. I think I might be fired now.

Totally worth it.