Monday, January 15, 2007

12, 3, and 6

I think the fog has lifted.

The fog of newborn newness.

Last night, I actually got three hours of sleep. THREE. Thank you GOD. Jackson was nursing every hour or two, for two weeks. And packing on the pounds. He is already at 8 lbs., 9 ozs. He's got that fat little baby belly that looks like a loaf of bread. Much love and thanks to Laura, for coming to help for two days. She got to experience the sleep deprivation fog we've been living in.

Things are starting to feel normal again. Hormones have calmed themselves down. I am almost back to 100% Heather. My body lets me know when I overdo it, but pain? Gone. It is amazing to me that a month ago, I had major surgery, and today, I feel fine.

BooBoo is awake...gotta run...


sillypants said...

How darling is that first picture?