Friday, January 19, 2007


So, I caved in to the itty bitty, teeny baby. I let him sleep on me. All night. My philosophy has been for him to sleep in his crib, not in my bed. I am no where CLOSE to being a co-sleeper. But. Jackson seems to absolutely HATE his crib. And I must sleep. So I compromised. We slept on the sofa. And sleep we did.

Any comments about how tired I look will be kept to yourselves, thankyouverymuch.

I caught just a bit of the Golden Globes, and loved the bit I caught. And after reading the account of the show at Dooce, I must watch the entire show. Bravo replays it tomorrow...JOY. Tonite..."What Not to Wear." Sunday...SAINTS IN THE PLAYOFFS, BITCHES!!!! YAH!!!!

Did ya'll know that Daylight Savings Time is a month earlier this year? Did ya'll know the joy this brings to me?

Note to self: Drink regular coffee only after a meal. Not before. Too. Much. Stimulation.

Jeanne, thought of you this fine morning. "I Write the Songs" came on the radio. Your love of Barry Manilow is one of the things I love most about you. And I wanted to tell you that.


Anonymous said...

Some comments for you today from Amber-
1. We are going CRAZY over here in Saints country. WHAT IF THEY GET TO THE SUPERBOWL????? The state will shut down probably. I hate football & I am wearing black & gold today - swear to GAWD! What has come over me???????
2. Lovely photos. You don't LOOK tired. (Remember the Van Halen song, Hot for Teacher - "I don't FEEL tardy.") AND, tell Seth that Aunt Amber & Uncle Chris sleep with our pillows just like him. We each have one. His is blue like Seth's. Good to see we aren't the only ones with security pillows.