Sunday, January 28, 2007

I *heart* Cows

Min over at MamaDrama talks about cows sometimes. And I like this. Because I like cows.

Wanna see how much?

This cow is known as "!SOCKCOW!" You gotta say it all fast and kung-fu like.

This one I bought at Tweetsie Railroad. I call it "Gheebie." Don't ask. I don't know why. It's just Gheebie.

Teapot from my dad and stepmom...

Flashlight from Joe. It moos when you turn it on. It kinda looks like a hippo in cow's clothing.

Moos when you turn it on...hehehehehe

Another gift from Joe. We found this at the antique mall downtown. It moos, too...when you remove its head. I get a kick of of the expression on its face.

Oh, how I adore my cow creamer. Gift from Nadine. If you look closely, you can see where I have lovingly glued her back together, several times. Because I'm clumsy like that.

And finally...our wedding cake.

You'd think with all that love for cows, I would refrain from eating them.

No can do.


Meg said...

LOL, my friend Ami is possibly a bigger cow freak than you are. Yes, cow wedding cake and all. Cake cutter, plates, her entire house is cow (at least it use to be). She's crazy! LOL But, she does refrain from eating them :)

Jenny said...

I have that same creamer!

And PS. I covet the teapot.

Anonymous said...

Things to say about loving cows:

1. you have had this love of cows for a long time - I can recall it's beginning many, many years ago
2. i have regrets about not being able to eat that lovely cow cake
3. as you know, i do not eat cow - it is not that bad not to eat cow, really. i thought it would be, but it wasn't.
3. i have a cow magnet on our fridge that has magnetic feet, thus it can "climb" up our fridge, it is quite cool.