Wednesday, April 30, 2008

8/365. Fun with Lingerie.

?? What is this...this...strapped, stretchy wonder ??

I will run through the house with it, brandishing it high above me with much joy and squeebling...

Looks big, doesn't it? The stretching capability pictured here is wasted on your humble narrator.



amy said...

hehee, he's getting quite a workout ;) WHAT is that stretchy white thing?

Laura said...

LOL! OMG, that is too funny!
I love "Squeebling" - what a perfect word!

Heather said...

Amy, that stretchy white thing is my bra. And the only thing stretching it is my son...LOL

Laura...isn't it the perfect word? His nickname is "Squeebles." Actually, that's just the main nickname. We put "squ" in front of words all the time, then use that word on him.


Squeebling Squeemiss
Squab (to which a horrified Joe replies, "That is a PIGEON.")

You get the picture.

It is nonsensical. But fun.