Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh my HELL Amanda!

After vehemently discussing with you the aggravation of typos, I discovered that...ah, GOD I don't even want to admit it...

I spell it like this.




hippyhappyhay said...

Can I ask ya'll, what ya'll think is wrong, with spelling ya'll, y-a-'-l-l?
Hell, I do, and I'm not even American!

Heather said...

After looking it up on Wikipedia, it is spelled several different ways.

Me and Amanda's arguement is this.

If "ya'll" is short for "You all,"
the apostrophe should be between the "y" and the "all."

Hay, to experience a Heather and Amanda moment is kinda like peeking into a circus tent :) :) :)

Amanda said...

The fact that you were cooking dinner, feeding birds, chasing children, drinking beer, changing diapers, and trying to proof-read a menu (with me doing the reading) does not excuse this....geez Heather, you better tighten up! My favorite says that it is "yall", which is just so wrong. Dr. Goodword, the sitemaster, grew up in NC, and should be ashamed of himself.

Amber said...

More fun to add to this post -- in Louisiana, the comment is "all uh y'all." As in -- "Are all uh y'all coming or what??"

How about THAT for incorrect English?

amy said...

ya'll (or y'all) take this very seriously. good.