Thursday, May 11, 2006

General Update

Anniversary: Relaxing and warm and fuzzy. We spent two days in Asheville. Spent the night in a cozy cabin, compliments of Allen and Debbie (much thanks, ya'll!). Hit the Trifecta of Stores that Begin with "B." Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Went to the mall. Reveled in the glory that is Target. I know, I know. What's so great about that, you say.

These places do not exist down herr in tha hollah.

So, we felt like real city folk! I said to one clerk who was laughing at my wide-eyed stare at modern commerce, "You don't understand. We are from the sticks." To which Joe retorted, "We are not FROM the sticks. We LIVE in the sticks." Damn straight.

We ate sushi at a real sushi bar. Mine cooked, Joe's raw. They piled our order into a BOAT. Everyone at the bar was like, "Where is that going?" "Who in God's name ordered all that?"

We did. And we waved to the people when it arrived at our table, and we put that mother dowwwwwwwwn.

We also ate the top of our wedding cake. It was hermetically sealed and frozen. We prepared ourselves for the worst.

It was freaking delicious. I love how Joe's smokes are laying there next to the empty plate. Like having a cigarette after some particularly good S.E.X. Hehehe.

Doctor Visit: We had the first visit with the doc today. Well, the Nurse Practitioner. Her name is Nancy, and she rocks. She laughed with us, a lot. I meet Dr. Clark next month. We did all the preliminary stuff...pee in a cup, blood work, physical. So far, so good. Blood pressure is good. Our starting weight for this pregnancy is 132. All pretty uneventful. But a good place to start.

So, yay!