Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Moving again.

OK. So we KNEW moving into this groovy house that the owners were going to put it on the market at the end of May. WE KNEW. But! We moved in anyway. And fell in love with this house. Over the door is a sign that says "Heatherwood Knoll." And, in the garden, one that says, "Seth's Garden."

Karma, ya'll!


The house is as good as sold. A family came to look at the house Saturday, and they love it. Want it. Are gonna buy it.

So. We have a few months (thank GOD) to find a new place to live. Sistahfriend Laura made some excellent points on moving to a new home. The first and most important one: we need all bedrooms on one floor. Especially with a new lil' bean. Running up and down stairs all night long? Great workout, yes. Fun and exciting, no.

So. Send us good house-hunting vibes. Positivity (Much thanks to you, Anna!).