Friday, May 26, 2006

Morning thoughts

Did anyone else find pregnancy to be a lonely place sometimes?

It seems that few understand.

Women who have never been pregnant cannot understand. Those who are moms have forgotten. Husbands, well, they do try. But I can't shake the feeling of being the kid in school who is left out, picked last for P.E.

I chose this. I chose to be pregnant. I chose to give up the things that are bad for me and the baby. But it SUCKS to lose some of the links I have to the people I love. Staying up late, talking into the night. Having a beer or three. Trading these things for mind-numbing exhaustion. Crushing waves of nausea.


I think this is why pregnant women feel so close to the docs. THEY get it.


sillypants said...

God, I remember the first time with Dags....I remember going to Hollywood Video on a Friday night and being astounded at the amount of people there and thinking " Why the hell aren't you guys out partying somewhere?" I could not believe it.

My kids are only 22 months apart, so the 2nd time around came really quickly for me and it wasn't quite as shocking. Just remember, this will pass so quickly and OMG Red, you will miss it when it's over although you'll be a lot drun, er, uh happier.

Hang in there mama,