Monday, May 22, 2006

Nine weeks

Um. Ok. "They" say that you pop out sooner with the second one. But HOLY SHIT I didn't expect so much, so fast. Now. Don't get me wrong. I love The Bump. But I will be relieved to see the ultrasound on Thursday, just so I know I'm not pregnant with twins.



It's just a PG irrational fear. It's just a PG irrational fear.


Misty said...

Um. Wow. I popped at 9 weeks. But she was the third. Twins, interesting... hehe

Heather said...

Misty, I KNOW! Every day, I'm like WTH? LMAO...

sillypants said...

Holy SHIT! Twins !! Twin GIRLS !! ( inserts evil wicked laugh)

When I was PG with Jack, it was much the same. I remember the checker at Freddies asking me how far along I was and I was like 5 months, and she said " Really, Are you sure?" Very embarrasing.

But , I am holding out for two bundles of joy for you missy !